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Meet Deborah!

Deborah reached out to Mom Bomb, wanting to try some of our products at a reduced price to support our mission. AMAZING, right?! Keep reading.... Well, this kind-spirited, selfless woman is critically ill with Stage 4 lung cancer, which has spread to her brain, causing tremendous pain (heart wrenching!!), yet she is so happy and positive. Talk about an inspiration! Here’s the WOW factor. Deborah is also low income and wanted to GIVE TO US when we are here to help her! Be still our hearts! After having a delightful phone conversation, she mentioned that she loves her baths and was curious about the CBD products, so we sent her some bath bombs & salts, as well as an essential oil diffuser & LED candles, for the ultimate spa experience right in the comfort of her own bathroom- no cost, of course!

“I received the package today. OMG, I love everything and especially the aroma diffuser! It helped me with pain and suffering mentally and physically!! I’m here for you just like you were here for me when I needed you the most!! I can’t thank you enough. May God bless you!!”
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