About Our Village


  • We are a charity that raises money by selling luxury bath and beauty products and partnering with civic minded and aligned businesses and organizations. 
  • We are a group of women that get up every day to empower other women. 
  • We believe that collectively we can do great things together. 
  • We operate in a non-transactional way.  Meaning, everything we give is from the heart with no expectations of reciprocity.  This goes for how we interact with clients, donors, leadership and everyone who touches our lives.  We give from the heart or we don’t give at all. 
  • We believe that there is an opportunity for every situation to end up in a win/win for all participants. 
  • We will always give 100% of our profits to our charity. 
  • We are a support system to each other, and our own biggest advocates.  We are the cheering squad or drill sergeant behind you – whichever you may need at the time. 
  • You can count on us to always operate with transparency, authenticity and occasionally bad words. 
  • We are building a village, one mom at a time.


  • We are NOT an MLM company.
  • We do not ask anyone to recruit, or set up pay structures in a pyramid way.
  • We are not a sales organization.  We are an education organization.  Our goal is to spread Mom Bomb’s mission through kindness, caring and compassion.
  • We do not require that you purchase anything to get involved.  Your word is good enough for us.
  • We are not going to limit your potential.  Do you want to learn how to be a marketer?  Did you always want to connect with Fortune 500 companies?  Whatever you goal, we can align yours with our mission and ensure everyone succeeds.
  • We’re not money hungry.  We didn’t build this to get rich, we did it to make a contribution to society.  We acknowledge that money is the byproduct.
  • We’re not jerks.  We’re loud, messy, complicated and passionate, but always do the right thing, and expect that level of integrity with everyone we deal with.
  • We’re not boring.  You’ll see.