Boost Your Earnings with our Mom Bomb Affiliate Program!

An affiliate is someone who works with our organization to perpetuate our mission. 

This can be as simple as sharing your custom link on your social media sites, or creating content with our products to get the word out.  We have so many different things to share with your circle, you’ll have the run of the gamut when it comes to using your creativity.  On the flip side, if you need support, we are here for that too. No question is a bad question as we all have opportunity to learn!  The best part about becoming an affiliate is that you will be actively helping mothers in crisis while making money.

How can you donate 100% of profits and still pay a commission?

Whether our customers get their Mom Bomb products through stores like TJ Maxx (which does carry our brand!), local boutiques, or through a referral from you, we still pay a commission as a business expense.  So, whether we pay it to you or a corporation, we still pay it no matter what, and then donate 100% of the leftover profits to charity.  Instead of distributing the profits to nameless board members (who probably already have a lot of money), we decided to give it back to the very people we serve.  We have defined true mission-based brands.

Through our affiliate program, we see the opportunity for the very people who we support through our non profit – mothers – to get involved at the grass roots level to help us build a brand that not only supports the consumer by giving them a spa like experience at home, but supports them in times of crisis as well by funding the services we provide via

 We envision generations of mothers and children supporting Mom Bomb because Mom Bomb will always support them back.