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Mom Bomb Giving, the philanthropic arm of Mom Bomb, Inc. is pleased to help another mother mom need.
The Mom Bomb Giving Organization is funded by the sales of Mom Bomb Products, in addition to donations and partnerships with other philanthropic focused companies. The non-profit seeks to help mothers in crisis nationwide by providing one of four services to help them stem the tide, while dealing with a crisis. Recipients can choose from; meal delivery services, housekeeping services, laundry services or childcare.

Rachel from Michigan was nominated for a Mom Bomb grant by a colleague at her workplace. “Rachel has overcome homelessness and alcoholism and is on path to be the best mother to her children,” we were told. “She never asks for assistance and I would love to see her showered with blessings.”

Mom Bomb was pleased to help Rachel as she strives to be the best she can be as a single mom supporting her eight children. “I really appreciate your willingness to help not just me but other moms as well,” Rachel said. “This act of kindness definitely will help me a great deal to manage other things,” she concluded.

Mom Bomb was created to fund its non-profit, Mom Bomb Giving, after its Founder went through a catastrophic medical condition herself and vowed to live her life trying to make it easier for others going through a crisis.
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