How We Help

Mom Bomb was created to help mothers going through a crisis.  We help moms by providing grants for services that will allow them to focus on the issue at hand, grow beyond their current circumstances, while stabilizing the entire family in the process. ​

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What is a Crisis?

We define a crisis as anything that destabilizes a mother trying to manage the many demands of motherhood.  We have helped women who have become ill and couldn't make it up the stairs to do laundry, women who lost their jobs and needed food, a woman who couldn't afford an oven due to a domestic abuse issue so we got her an oven, and so many other situations!  A crisis can look different for everyone, so if you need help, or know someone who is going through a crisis, reach out and apply.  We help as many people as possible each and every month.



Moms can choose one of these services and we will customize the service for each recipient of our grant.