A Letter from Heather

February 28, 2024

To all who find themselves here,

Your presence reaffirms the essence of why this organization exists. Even amidst your personal storms, remember, brighter days are ahead.

 Having once been a mother navigating her own crisis, I crafted this initiative to extend support to families like yours. The overwhelming need you’re witnessing is a testament that our mission is vital. We’re heartened to announce that we've just launched our products nationwide and are now available at select Whole Foods Markets. With continued support and successful sales there, our hope is to further expand and amplify the help we can offer.

 Behind the scenes, we're tirelessly connecting with potential partners eager to contribute resources, ensuring that we can reach out to those in need even more effectively. Our waiting list is extensive, but every name on it matters to us. We see each and every one of you and are committed to getting to you as swiftly as we can.

 You can play a pivotal role in our journey. Share our mission and when considering a purchase, let Mom Bomb be your choice – because with us, relaxation has a purpose.

 Let's stand strong, support one another, and find solace together.

With gratitude and hope,


Here are some additional resources in the interim:

For children of parents struggling with cancer: Camp Kesem: https://www.kesem.org/

If you’re a woman in MA struggling with Breast Cancer: https://pawsitively4pink.org/


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