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A Letter from Heather

December 18, 2023

 If you’ve landed here, you’re the reason I started this organization. I know things must be gloomy if you’re here, and I just want you to know that brighter days ARE ahead.

 I, too, was once a mother in crisis. At that time, I had lost everything and made a commitment to myself that if I got better I would dedicate my life to helping other families that found themselves in a crisis. My goal was, and is, to provide a bit of assistance so you can take a breath and find the space within the chaos to be there for your family.

 In order to have the funds to provide these services I created an all natural bath and shower products company with spa like products for men, women and children. My thought was that, by providing relaxation to people through our products, I could use the money to fund these services for families in crisis. My commitment to give 100% of our profits to this mission has never wavered and I will never stop volunteering to further my belief that taking care of each other is good business. 

 Unfortunately, at this moment in time, the sales of our products are not able to meet the demand of the families in need.

 The goal was to create an engine for us to take care of each other through the system of perpetual stress relief. Specifically, someone purchases a stress relieving product from Mom Bomb and the profit from that goes to pay for services to families in crisis.

 While we are currently looking for other sources of funding through grants, corporate sponsorships and corporate gifting opportunities, we ask that you help us help you by spreading the word about our organization.

 In a time where consumers have the power to spend their hard earned money anywhere, spending it with a company that is set up to care for others makes sense. Sharing how our company works, and the message that if you need to purchase a gift for someone, buy it from Mom Bomb - will help us be able to help you more quickly.

 Currently, we have a waiting list of over 450 families that need our help with more applying daily. 

 You are still welcome to apply for our help, and we will keep your application active until we are able to review it. Unfortunately, we have no timeline available at this moment.

 My hope is that this message only has to stay up for a short while.

 I am thinking of you. Let’s hang in there together.



Here are some additional resources in the interim:

For children of parents struggling with cancer: Camp Kesem:

If you’re a woman in MA struggling with Breast Cancer:


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