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An advocate brought Alison to our attention. In her circumstances she would not even have the time or strength to seek out help for herself. Alison’s 18-month-old son has a g-tube for feeding issues including aspiration and has some other undiagnosed medical things going on that makes him struggle with sleep.

Mom Bomb was able to offer Alison some relief with cleaning services. We understand how challenging it is for the simplest tasks when a sick child needs constant attention.

Alison thinks Mom Bomb Giving’s mission is amazing and knows we get it. “As a struggling mother I know how appreciative I am of just anyone even saying ‘how’s it going’ or offering something small like dropping off a coffee. The actual services and cost offered by Mom Bomb is overwhelmingly gracious. I feel as moms we already struggle to ask for help and being given an opportunity for support to allow us to focus on the situation at home and reduce some stress is just wonderful.”
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Such a great idea

Marilyn Mcgowan

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