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Angela is a mother of 4 beautiful children ranging from ages 6 to 19. She is a single mother with a good job, however because of various conditions her children have, has cause her to be in and out of the hospital taking care of them- resulting in her missing over 10 weeks of work this year to care for her kids. With that, comes all of the medical bills as well. On top of all of this, with Christmas around the corner she was struggling to stay above water. "I try to go to local food banks but with the hours of my work is not possible. My other 2 children ages 8 and 18 have suffered due to my other children on lack of time and needs. In no way are we homeless or don't have food we just need help from now and then. Thanks and God bless u for helping my family."- Angela

Angela reached out to us for help and we were so excited to be able to assist her and her family when they really needed some relief! We were able to help Angela's family with our food delivery service option.

“Thanks MomBomb for offering to help me and my kids. This will be so much of a blessing with 2 kids with disabilities and waiting on SSDI for one of them. Working a good job full time just hasn't kept me up above the water and sometimes struggle to make ends meet. Then I seen your FB post and thought God had answered my prayers. Thanks and Happy Holidays”- Angela

Her kids were so excited to receive some special treats!

“I appreciate everything. Thank u so much I have used the 1st one which is perfect timing gonna be delivered on the 22nd.”-Angela
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