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*To protect the privacy of the mother and her children, we are keeping their names and photos confidential.
Due to the recent crisis in our nation, the recipient of this month’s Mom Bomb grant recently lost her job as an in-home caretaker for an elderly woman. As a healthcare worker in current times, she risked her health every day to treat those in need but had to continue to work to support her family. This mom is raising two children with special needs on her own, and losing her job limited her access to typically available resources. She desperately needed some help.
Mom Bomb uses proceeds from every sale to fund its charity to help women in crisis just like this mom; women who need help because of an unforeseen circumstance. Our charity assists with one of the following services: childcare, housekeeping, laundry or meal delivery. Our recent recipient sought help with meal delivery to stem the financial tidal wave that recently hit her. How wonderful that Mom Bomb can pay it forward, and repay her sacrifice during this tough time. And she exclaimed to us how “very grateful and thankful” she is.
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