MEET COMFORT & LINDEWI -  Mom Bomb Giving Organization


This year, we decided to give the Christmas gift of a hands on science experience to an 8 year old girl from a local shelter who is interested in science and watching chemical reactions! Comfort and her mother, Lindiwe, joined us for an afternoon full of fun and some learning as well as we taught her how to make bath bombs! Comfort told us what a fun day she had, she loved picking out the different colors and scents for her own bath bombs and had the most fun forming them, she said she felt like she was playing with sand!

Comfort is an absolute rockstar and total natural at creating bath bombs! She knew just the right combinations and really added some spunk and personality to each one of her bath bombs! It was great to see her delve in and get right to work with lots of excitement as she went through each step of the process! This smart little lady will do big things one day - just watch!!
comfort and her mother were very thankful to join us for the afternoon of learning, pizza, bath bombs and most of all – FUN! Comfort was excited to show off her new handmade bath bombs! Especially the blue and pink one, which was her favorite, she called it Cotton Candy and said it reminder her of Unicorns -One of her favorite things!

We had such a fun day getting to know comfort and her mother and sharing lots of laughs! We can't wait to get in touch with Comfort and her mother again for another great experience!
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