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Meet Jennifer, a hardworking super positive woman who has faced every struggle that has come her way, while remaining strong in the process. While pregnant with her son, the doctors discovered she had a heart condition. After three surgeries, she was diagnosed with a heart condition called dysautonomia cardineuroginic syndrome with syncope. This condition causes an erratic heart rate at times and the tendency to faint. On top of that, she also has Brady Tachy (bradycardia-tachycardia), which makes it difficult for her to wake up and stay awake because her heart rate or blood pressure is so low.

She says her son is her hero! “He has stepped up to help as much as he can”, and he is the reason she continues to fight every day!

Jennifer’s heart condition restricts her from being able to conduct a lot of daily tasks and continue her normal routine. She is no longer able to go up and down the stairs like she used to, which is a problem because the laundry room is located on the lower level of her home. She is also unable to lift heavy things, due to doctors’ orders. The laundry had certainly piled up and she wondered where to turn. Until she found

We were able to set up a laundry delivery service that picked up, washed, folded and delivered her laundry right back to her door. With the first two pickups, the laundry service collected close to 200 lbs of laundry! A huge weight(literally) has been lifted off of Jennifer’s shoulders. “I love them I left a wonderful review. Yes, it is definitely more manageable now. I am so grateful for all of you!”

By providing her with this laundry service, Jennifer’s stress and strain is reduced. Jennifer is ecstatic about MomBomb helping her. “I am grateful for every new angel I meet along the way and now I can add Mombomb to that list. Thank you.”
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