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Meet Marisa!

Marisa is a strong and very courageous single mother of two beautiful boys, ages 20 and 24. They are her life. She worked hard as a waitress to support her family until last May, when she was diagnosed with two very rare diseases and lost her job as a result. She has no income and is unable to drive or leave the house, with the exception of going to doctor’s appointments. Despite the fact that she lives with her elderly parents and children, she is frightened, sad, and very lonely. Originally, she requested house cleaning, but while we were waiting for a quote from a cleaning service, Divine Intervention took place, and we learned that her oven had broken a few days prior. When asked if she was getting a new one, she expressed that she doesn’t even have a dollar to put towards one, so Mom Bomb Giving stepped right in and had a brand new oven delivered and installed! “I am so happy and beyond grateful!" she exclaimed. "It’s perfect! Now the boys can cook for me. So know Mom Bombs are angels.” You are so welcome, Marisa. We are here for you!

“Living scared with 2 rare diseases and two boys, Mom Bomb helped me in so many ways. They worked effortlessly and efficiently at my worst times. I cannot thank them enough.”
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