Meet our first Dad!

Meet our first Dad!

SD is a hardworking, outstandingly loyal, and loving single father of three young children and a canine fur-baby, who has had no support for six years. He has his children 24/7 and everything is dependent on HIM. The struggle has been very real and very painful. He was ubering EVERYWHERE up until 6 months ago, and was forced to move because he could no longer afford the rent, but was fortunately accepted into subsidized housing. “I couldn’t count on anyone when no one was around to help me through it. The hardest part about becoming a single parent is the isolation. Not being able to relate to other parents and having to rely on yourself for everything. Not even a pat on the back.” Earlier in the year, a close friend mentioned Mom Bomb, but he was hesitant as it was difficult for him to accept the help, so one of our volunteers stepped in—a single mother herself whose story mirrored his—and after a few weeks of checking in and chatting, he finally and graciously accepted help.


“Recently, I was very fortunate to receive a generous grant from Mom Bomb. I was extremely stressed from having to move and really needed help. As a full-custody single dad, time and money are hard to come by. Thanks to Mom Bomb, I was able to get a little relief and much needed support. Thank you. I am so very grateful!”


We are elated to report that SD is on the upswing and beginning to thrive again after landing a new job! He is an INCREDIBLE human being who finds meaning and joy in helping people and wants to make a difference in the world.




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