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Terri is a hard working mother with beautiful 10 year old twin daughters. One of her daughters, Haley, has a tumor on her brain and has had several treatments just since our team has been working with them.

Terri and her husband are hard working parents, who are doing everything they can for their daughters. But because Terri has had to miss so much work bringing her daughter Haley to various doctor appointments, money has been a little tight, and there just isn’t enough time in the day sometimes to do everything!

We were able to help Terri and her family with a meal delivery services. We set her up with Hello Fresh deliveries. Terri is super grateful that all of the food came directly to her door. She didn’t have to do any of the shopping and very little preparation because the ingredients came pre-portioned out. It also has been a fun family experience for them because Haley loves to cook and has been having a ball in the kitchen!

Through all of the trauma and hard times that this family has gone through, Terri still has an upbeat spirit and has not let anything get her down. She describes the strong spirit of her daughter as the reason she continues to push her through all of this. “She really is such a brave kid. My hero for sure. Even through all of her struggles she never complains.”

We are honored to be able to help Terri’s family in a time of crisis, so she can continue to be there to support her daughter. “Thank you very much, we are really enjoying our meals. It is a really big help having 3 meals that I don’t have to worry about. It means so much.”
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