Collection: Single Bath Bombs and Shower Steamers

Our Single bath bombs and shower steamers come in many different scents, colors and formulas!

If you're not ready for our bulk packs of bath and shower products, alternatively, our single bath bombs and shower steamers are for you!

If you desire the calming effect of CBD, you'll want to check out the four different scents available in our patented Calm Bomb®. With all natural mica for coloring and 25mg of CBD in each bath bomb, you can forget the glass of wine!  Save the calories and Calm Bomb® instead! Add in the patented formula that opens pores to allow the skin to more quickly absorb the relaxing properties, and you'll be transformed to a more mellow you after a bath with a calm bomb.

If you're looking to turn the ordinary shower into a luxurious spa experience, then you need to try one of our shower steamers.  With 6 amazing scents to choose from, you'll transform your every day shower into whatever relaxing oasis you choose.  Maybe you want to lie in a field of lavender to relax?  Great!  We've got Lavender Shower Steamers.  Perhaps you want to harken back to a favorite beach vacation?  No problem!  Our Citrus Morning steamer will remind you of those lazy days sipping tropical drinks by the pool. After you get out of the shower you will feel invigorated to tackle any task on your list! No matter your mindset, these shower steamer singles will transport you to your favorite place in your mind.

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